Extreme marketing – how far do you go?

Make it relevant, make it topical – that’s what anyone working in marketing or PR would want in promoting their clients. We certainly make it a feature of the blogs and media content, social and otherwise, that we create for ours.

Ever on the ball, even decades into its commentary on our existence, Private Eye regularly highlights just a smattering of the worst offenders for being exceptionally crass, corny, cute or contemptible.

Back in February we had this email from a drainage organisation: “Roses are red, violets are blue, XXXXXX’s the perfect partner for you! Whilst Valentine’s day is about the ‘special one’, XXXXXX is fortunate to have many partners….why not give someone you love a special Valentine’s surprise and forward this email to them!”

Or how about this from a print and packing company? “Horse meat affecting your business? After the wave of negative press, companies are looking to XXXXXX to help them restore their customers ‘faith in their products by having us produce labels to show that their products have been tested and contain exactly what they say they do.”

And then, with the election of a new pope, there’s the heady mix of some ‘research’ with the tabloid favourites of sex and religion – as trailed by an online dating website: “…Catholics have become the most adulterous religious group in England and Wales according to the UK’s leading marital dating site XXXXXX, almost twice that of other religious groups…the study showed that 21.5% of the members on the site were Catholic…”

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