See what our clients have to say:

  • Dont-display

  • AstraZeneca

    “We wanted to capture customer and stakeholder feedback and craft this information into media that would inspire, motivate and encourage adoption of new processes and behaviours. We wanted communications excellence and experience, a significant and enduring impact from the outset, someone who could create customer goodwill and show what good looked like. Put simply, our initiative would not have achieved anywhere near the success it did without Stephen’s support.”

  • TubosiderUK

    “It is one thing to have an attractive, happening website but to really get inside an industry that’s foreign to you and reach out to the market takes great talent and skill. We now have a range of media that not only look good, but are very easy for our customers to navigate and get the information they require. We are very happy with the level of service we get and we would have no hesitation in recommending Townhouse to anyone.”

  • ADI Global

    “Townhouse has greatly developed our profile through its excellent media relations and its constant stream of diverse, high quality stories and features. They have provided us internationally with newsletters, launch events and website content and helped us too with ads, catalogues, direct mail and directories. Committed and easy to work with, they understand how to give proactive support to each part of the business and work equally well with manufacturers, customers, end users and industry bodies.”

  • Silkscreen Film Society

    “The new Silkscreen website and literature have undergone a terrific transformation – much more dynamic and contemporary than previously. A great deal of thought and hard work has gone into planning and design – the attention to detail and quality of the finished product are impressive. Website navigation is more intuitive and the organisation more logical, and like the rest of the site, the film sections give the visitor a very good experience, being informative and making use of different types of media.”

  • Robert Hayden & Co Accountants

    “We deal with the numbers, but he’s the wordsmith. Stephen has been a huge help to our business over the past twelve months. He updated our website to more accurately reflect our business and services and he provided invaluable advice on the structure and wording of communications with clients. He is always professional and showed great sensitivity and patience in dealing with some difficult matters in our business.”

  • Milliken USA

    “A super publication you put together on our company. We have asked for extra copies to be distributed to all members of our policy committee, our presidents, general managers and plant managers. One top level manager who has been with us for 30 years stated this is the best thing ever seen done on Milliken – including everything we have done ourselves.”

  • Cleentek UK

    “Our business may have seen changes, but Townhouse comes up with what we need every time. Whatever sector we serve, and whatever the client, you can trust them to work with anybody. Their news stories and case studies are always sharp and interestingly written, besides covering a lot of ground, and they help keep us in front of the media. From the start, they’ve worked with us, not for us, and that’s the sort of relationship you want.”

  • Greenbeam Consulting

    “I wish we’d asked Townhouse to write the content for our website earlier. It would have saved a lot of time! Stephen got what we were trying to say, and put it into words much better (and quicker) than we could. Thank you!”

  • SDART Ltd

    “I have used Townhouse Communications on several occasions. Stephen offers a professional service, taking time to discuss your vision and ideas, then converting them into an appropriate package. His fluency and skill allow him to create pieces which clearly state their function, portraying technical details but in an accessible and engaging fashion. If you want to change an audience into customers, I would recommend his company.”

“get inside an industry and reach out to the market”

“stream of diverse, high quality stories and features”

“a terrific transformation – much more dynamic”

“invaluable advice on wording and structure”

“comes up with what we need every time”

Seeing what others say is usually the best way of telling if something is good or useful. We want to know that whatever we do for clients really works for them and their business. Here’s what some of them have to say.

Over the years, you’ll see in our list of sectors and clients that we’ve worked with quite a range, in some cases for years.

Our internal and external communications have supported wins in the Daily Express British Housebuilder Awards and Security Partner of the Year Awards, helped turn round international businesses, and helped achieve success for a variety of products, services and issues.

We’ve also picked up a number of awards ourselves for marketing campaigns, for writing and editing, and for media we’ve produced. They are a bonus – because we like what we do and we like doing it well.

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